No Compromise:               Lessons from the book of Daniel

We live in the center of two conflicting kingdoms; The Kingdom of God and the kingdom of this age.  

The question is; “Will we stand for the things of God no matter what the cost, or will we go with the flow and follow the path of least resistance?  In the midst of life’s challenges can we trust in a Sovereign God who rules the world for our good and His ultimate victory, or will we kneel before the idols of our culture and look for security and hope in the things that can never satisfy or save?”  

The stakes are high and the conflict is one we face every single day.  But we are not alone in the battle.  And we are not left without a tested hero to lead the way.  The Book of Daniel has long been a source of encouragement for God’s people to stay the course, choose what is right, and stand for the things of God no matter what.  It is both a handbook for life on earth and a vision for the glory that is to come.  So fasten your seat belts and join us as we follow Daniel and his friends on a perilous ride of faith; complete with dreams, a crazy king, a fiery furnace, hungry lions and a look behind the curtain to the last days and the final victory of Christ! May we too be encouraged to live a life of uncompromising faith.

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