Sermon Series


Gazing upon the incomparable Christ

A study of the Book of Colossians

The little first century church in the city of Colossae was troubled and confused. They started off with a clear picture of who Jesus is but as time went on they were hearing conflicting views about the nature and the mission of Jesus and His cross.  They knew that Jesus had called them to "follow Him" but they weren't so sure about which version of Jesus they were supposed to follow. So they wrote to the Apostle Paul to help clear things up. His letter back to them is what we call "The Book of Colossians". And its central focus is Jesus, in whom the fulness of God dwells in human form.  If there was ever a day when we the people of God needed a clear and compelling picture of Jesus; it's now.  

Join us in our study of this magnificent letter as we fix our gaze on the beauty, power, and presence of the incomparable Christ.