Living on the Edge

(The Exile's Guide to Life in Christ)

It was becoming increasingly difficult and dangerous for the faithful followers of Christ in the 1st century.  While the church continued to grow so did the pressure to compromise.  And the threat of persecution was becoming more the daily reality for the people of God.  So the apostle Peter picked up his pen to write a letter of encouragement to a dispirited band of Christians living on the edge.  The letter we call “The Book of 1 Peter” has continued to encourage the church throughout the centuries, especially during times when believers are looked upon with increasing suspicion and hostility.  Times like our own.  

These are exciting times to be the people of God in a strange and sometimes dangerous land. Come join us Sunday mornings and have your heart encouraged by this deeply instructive and powerful letter.  He will teach you who you are, why you’re here, and how to live joyfully as exiles on your way to your glorious home.   


Come be made alive to His glorious plan for you!

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